The integrated inAssist-Datafaction TotalCare service provides a platform designed to meet the challenges for today’s business management practices. Our software delivers claim management and compliance, while our upgrade service options provide resources and expertise. Our Comprehensive Service offers complete outsourcing for total medical administration.

Integrated Service Platform

  • DFI Integrated Claim Management

    inAssist and Datafaction provide an integrated claim management system to meet the needs of Business Management firms. The inAssist platform connects with your current Datafaction software for document scanning and claim tracking. Planned future releases will continue to provide enhanced functionality, convenience and visibility for complete medical administration.
  • Certified Claims Auditor (CCA)

    The CCA partners with your Personal Healthcare Advisor to ensure your medical bills are accurate and benefit coverage has been maximized. This trained expert uncovers errors, mistakes, duplicate billings and common errors that often leads to undue charges and costs. Our CCA’s have saved our clients thousands of dollars and are an important layer of cost protection.
  • Comprehensive Bill Management

    This premium service connects our experts with your doctors and physicians directly allowing all medical bills, claims and explanation of benefits to be sent directly to our claims processing center. Once received, our team securely uploads all documents into our software and we begin the audit process on all bills. There is no need to fax, scan or send us materials.
  • Medical Bill Audit

    Our CCA will perform a 5 point claim audit to determine if the bill is accurate and correct. First, your coverage, price and policy will be checked. Second, we’ll ensure all submissions to the insurance company were accurate. Third, our team will submit formal claim appeals for all denials or remediation issues uncovered. Fourth, we’ll resubmit the claim for processing. Finally, we’ll provide you a report to pay your claim or expect a check for reimbursement.
  • Claim Fraud Remediation

    In the event your medical bill has been fraudulently billed and/or intentionally over-charged, we act on your behalf to remediate the situation protecting your health record, insurance benefits, and your wallet.
  • Medical Identity Theft Protection

    Medical identity theft is the fast growing form of identity theft in the United States. Our HealthLock™ proprietary protection will keep you from becoming one of countless victims that suffer from medical identity theft each year. We also provide an optional low cost upgrade to LifeLock® financial protection as well that our industry experts can manage for you.
  • Medical Manager Portal

    All of your information is securely provided to you through a personal portal online. This allows our clients to easily see all of the bills, claims, explanation of benefits and the status of each claim within the audit process. It is protected with 128 bit encryption and HIPAA guidelines and policies are strictly enforced.
  • HD Analytics & Reporting

    Provides instant updates on medical information, including deductible tracking, out of pocket expenses, claim denials and appeals. Reports will be provided on a monthly basis, along with a year-end summary providing insight into total costs and savings. The analytics will help uncover problem areas for recommendations and new approaches to health care cost management.