For Employees

Medical, Vision, Dental and Psych auditing services as well as Health and Wellness to ensure that you are paying the least amount that you are required to while ensuring that your plan benefits have been maximized.

Health Insurance benefits can be confusing and expensive. At inAssist, we can help you with your Eligibility or Benefit concerns or questions. With our Medical Bill Audit, inAssist can review all of your medical claims to ensure that they were processed correctly according to your benefits as well as Claims Appeals for denied or improperly paid claims. With Claims Fraud Remediation, we help identify errors and mistakes as we are remediate the issue to help protect you from undue costs. Additionally, we can assist you with negotiation on out-of-network or non-covered services as well as pre-certification and advance planning for up-coming elective services. At inAssist, we are your advocate for all of your health and wellness needs.