EmployeeCare is offered exclusively to employees whose group or individual insurance packages are brokered through the inAssist Group Health Alliance. It includes the ClaimAssure™ medical bill savings and adds to it a higher level of health management services through our expert team of Personal Healthcare Advisors (PHA).

Integrated Service Platform

  • Personal Healthcare Advisor

    Just a phone call away, our personal and confidential industry expert will help navigate you through the complexities of the healthcare system giving you peace of mind and saving you money. This includes: explaining insurance coverage and benefits, deductible tracking and policy questions; finding doctors, physicians, specialists, labs and general care management; and managing bill administration, claims/claim denial, appeals and the negotiation process.
  • Medical Bill Audit

    Harvard Medical released data that states 80% of medical bills have some form of error, often leading to overpayments by employees. Our team of CPT-ICD9 experts will help identify errors and mistakes, remediate the issue and help protect you from undue costs.
  • Claim Fraud Remediation

    In the event your medical bill has been fraudulently billed and/or intentionally over-charged, we act on your behalf to remediate the situation protecting your health record, insurance benefits, and your wallet.
  • Employee Self Service Portal

    Our confidential, secure, customizable medical portal provides you with instant access to all your medical information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our team will gather your documents, digitize them within the portal, and help you manage changes throughout the year.
  • Medical Identity Theft Protection

    Medical identity theft is the fast growing form of identity theft in the United States. Our HealthLock® proprietary protection will keep you from becoming one of countless victims that suffer from medical identity theft each year. We also provide an optional low cost upgrade to LifeLock® financial protection as well that our industry experts can manage for you.
  • HRIS Integration

    inAssist has trained and certified experts to help implement and maintain the industry’s leading Information Systems for Human Resources. Additionally, we enhance the platform by integrating our medical and support services for seamless interaction by employees.