ClaimAssure utilizes our state of the art software combined with the expertise of our Personal Healthcare Advisors (PHA) to verify that your healthcare claim is remediated and properly processed to ensure that your benefits have been maximized. Our industry market leading trend data along with our technology ensures that you are not overpaying for your healthcare costs.

Integrated Service Platform

  • Certified Claims Auditor (CCA)

    The CCA partners with your Personal Healthcare Advisor to ensure your medical bills are accurate and benefit coverage has been maximized. This trained expert uncovers errors, mistakes, duplicate billings and common errors that often leads to undue charges and costs. Our CCA’s have saved our clients thousands of dollars and are an important layer of cost protection.
  • Medical Bill Audit

    Harvard Medical released data that states 80% of medical bills have some form of error, often leading to over payments by employees and undue utilization against the employer. Our team of CPT-ICD9 experts will help identify errors and mistakes, remediate the issue and help protect you and your employees from undue costs. This can affect your premiums and be an effective strategy for cost containment.
  • Claim Fraud Remediation

    In the event your medical bill has been fraudulently billed and/or intentionally over-charged, we act on your behalf to remediate the situation protecting your health record, insurance benefits, and your wallet.