Protect your clients’ and employees’ most valuable assets—and help them keep more of their money.

$325B is lost annually to medical fraud and overcharges. 

inAssist’s patent-pending AI technology and concierge-level service works 24/7 to secure their personal medical data, protect their privacy, and audit their medical bills—saving over $100,000,000 to date.

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Benefits of expanding your inAssist offering

Gain a competitive advantage

Add next-level value and innovation to your client offerings to further stand out from the competition.

Create more revenue opportunities

Convert wealth management clients into comprehensive family office clients by demonstrating the value you offer.

Stay top-of-mind

Remind clients and employees that Pathstone is looking out for them and their financial wellbeing with regular inAssist communications.

Provide highly-visible value

Maximize client and employee reimbursements, ensure coverage and catch overbilling.

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