About Us

Company Overview

inAssist is one of the nation’s leading providers of Healthcare Management Solutions utilizing our Personal Healthcare Advisors (PHA), extensive analytics, and customized technology solutions. Our history dates back to 1955 with experience in health insurance and medical claims adjudication. inAssist continues to be driven by its commitment to its clients with our only objective being to utilize our core strengths to help ensure our clients receive the best service possible. Combined with our vast knowledge of the healthcare industry, we have the ability to bring you expert advice, products, and services that give you assistance and peace of mind as you navigate the healthcare system. In other words...we’ve got your back.

Our Commitment

At inAssist, we are committed to innovation across diverse areas of healthcare. We are driven, first and always, by our commitment to our clients. We know that being an industry leader is about more than delivering the best products; it is about delivering on our promises. We believe that we must act with integrity and honesty in all situations to preserve that trust and confidence. We’re motivated and inspired every day by how our clients use our services. We help them find innovative solutions to their healthcare problems and stay connected to what’s most important to them. We are inspired by our success that we have already achieved together and work to reach more people through targeted health education and Health Management Solutions.