For Business Managers

Dedicated personal attention and support, combined with the efficiency and reliability of our state of the art technology, makes the TotalCare service platform an essential part of your healthcare management.

TotalCare takes our Medical Claim and Auditing Services to a more comprehensive level. With TotalCare, we utilize our state of the art technology and claims auditing experience to help reduce your out-of-pocket medical expenses while providing a more complete review of all of your Medical Claims. Our Personal Healthcare Advisors (PHA) are just a phone call away to provide your with personal and confidential industry specific help for your claims needs. Utilizing our Certified Claims Auditors (CCA), this ensures your medical bills are accurate and benefit coverage has been maximized. With HealthLock, our Medical Identity Theft Protection and our HD Analytics & Reporting ensures a total and maximized review of your Health related needs. With inAssist, we are your advocate for all of your Health and Wellness Needs.